Monica and I raced the Crescent Moon Olympic Distance triathlon put on by Racing Underground last week. The weather was so wet with intermittent tornado warnings or thunderstorms all week I just assumed the race would get cancelled. Prior to the swim start Darrin told us that if we heard a siren to just swim to shore and we would wait for any storm to pass, or they had other plans to potentially make the event a duathlon. Thankfully we were fortunate and it just looked like a severe storm would break out any minute, but it never did. Besides a very windy bike and a choppy swim the race went well. Monica ended up placing 3rd and I got 2nd. Whoever won had a ridiculous swim and somehow ended up swimming 18 minutes which included their run up to the shore. God bless them, that is some ridiculous swimming if legit.

Last week I finally found a frame on eBay that was carbon and not a complete over marked up rip-off. It was a cannondale slice. When the frame showed up took it out of the box to see if it was damaged and noticed that where I was used to seeing threading down by the bottom bracket that there was just a larger smooth cut-out surface. Since it was purchased on eBay I instantly assumed that whoever sold it at somehow managed to get the threads out of the bottom bracket and cut this awkward abyss into the frame. With a quick google search I discovered that BB30 is a new standard which Cannondale is trying to push out into the market. This process should make it easier for a frame manufacturer to make a frame since they no longer have to put in the threads for the bottom bracket. The standard isn’t bad, what is infortunate for the consumer is that we now have to purchase new tools or new components to work with the larger bottom bracket.

Thankfully after enough research I discovered that others in the blogosphere share my concern and there is an adapter that FSA sells which mimics the old threaded system. The FSA Press-In Adaptor for BB30 jams into the BB30 shell and allows you to thread in a traditional english threaded bottom bracket. This arrived in the mail the other day and with a board and a hammer I was able to get it into the frame without much hassle. The part is labeled with L and R to let you know which side to put on the left and the right. Some people I read used locktite as a coating prior to putting this inside, but since the bottom bracket hopefully spins inside of this I do not think the locktite will be much of an issue as it is in there fairly tight.

This week I also decided to add google analytics to my streetview player to see what kind of traffic I was getting. I received an email from GoDaddy notifying me that the directory where I stored my generated movie files had over a thousand files in one directory. Since last time they notified me I made a script which cleaned up all the image files after the GIF file is generated this shouldn’t happen. They went ahead and just deleted all of my movies from my folder, which was a bit depressing, but I figured this would only happen if I was either getting a very large amount of traffic, or if one of the movies being generated threw an error halfway through processing.

Once I added google the google analytics code to the page I quickly noticed that people from Belgium are using the site often. They are generating a healthy amount of movies by clicking the download button through the player. I also added an admin page where I can see how many dead files are being left behind and so far my process is cleaning up after itself properly. The overseas traffic for the tool is much higher than the non-existant United States traffic. I am interested to see what I can learn from the google analytics data that will come in as there are many more users than I was anticipating. Hopefully some of them start to reach out to me more with suggestions for improvements or about errors they are facing. Since most of the users are from overseas I will have to internationalize the product for their use. That will most likely be what I add next week since it doesn’t appear that people in the United States are going to start using it anytime soon.