As the rest of the world is moving deeper into the information age it felt like the right time to attempt to start up another blog. In my professional field of software development, as well as in triathlons, I noticed that most people appear to have blogs. The sharing of information and content from blogs is becoming almost more popular than traditional media in a newspaper or on television. So I can only hope that the information I share here will somehow make the blogosphere a better place.

This week I spent time messing with Jekyll in an attempt to get documentation pages setup within github (as well as utilize it for this site). So far I like the tool better than Wordpress or other traditional tools used for content management. For command line folk such as myself Jekyll is very nice that everything is done through simple text files. There are no databases to setup. The only real headache was attempting to get Jekyll to run in Microsoft Windows. Thankfully with a quick search on the interwebs I found someone else who shared my frustrations with using Jekyll on Windows and they created a portable version of the utility.

Also this week I received a complaint about my streetview player from someone from Belgium. The oversea folk seem to use the tool more than the Americans do. I typically get some complaint at least once or twice a month from overseas. In an attempt to dust off this project more and to help more people use it I added a disqus comment section to the tool instead of listing my email address for issues. Hopefully people will comment on this page if they use the tool and liked or, or post if there was something they didn’t like it. The tool is fairly powerful but I need to get better with marketing it. I haven’t really touched it since I wrote it in 2010 as a quick proof on concept.

I will add a few more output languages to the PlantUML code generator this week as well, most likely Python and C#. The tool is getting fairly robust, hoping to turn it into an npm package soon in order to ease in it’s use. Still finalizing on a version 0.1 for a strong starting place.